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This is where LIFE just makes more sense. Learning the BEST steps to adjust, fine-tune and UPGRADE your life. The biggest struggle in life is not knowing exactly what to do to fix the situation you are in. Here you will learn where to start, what steps to take, what to watch out for and how to fine-tune your thoughts, your actions, and your intentions.

The more fine-tuned you are the better you will function. I understand what it feels like to be "out of tune". It seems like no matter what you do, you just can't get ahead. My wife, Kim, and I also noticed that we would get sooooo close to making progress…then all of our hard work would crumble and fall apart. WHY?

After years of searching and testing and trying so many ideas of how to function better, we found what was missing for us. 15 years of actively practicing self-improvement, personal development and self-mastery have taught us a lot. We have learned what NOT to waste our time on doing and where to focus ALL of our ATTENTION. That is the key. Knowing what to focus on that will really work!

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January 2021

It is time to get back on track…Are you solid or shaky amid the chaos? Do you find yourself in worry, fear, or overwhelm will all the changes going on? Do you feel like you are losing clarity in your life? When the turmoil of life shows up, it is time for an internal integrity check. 

1. Do what you said you will do, especially with yourself. 
2. End of day review the day, your wins, losses, and overscheduling,
3. Forgive yourself and make a more realistic daily plan
4. Exercise to strengthen your inner core - both physical and emotional

Get Solid in your life… Check out this training for all the steps to build confidence, integrity, and strength to set yourself up for more success each day.

December 2020

Do you feel like people are passing you by?
Do you start, get overwhelmed, then stop?

Listen in and learn how to be among the action takers! Open up possibilities, see the potential, and seize the opportunities. Clear your mind and heart so your inspiration can catch up to your information.

Don’t wait for the inspiration and motivation to move you… Go get it!

November 2020

There are two general directions your life can be headed in... and it's NOT determined by your family, your neighbors, your church, your government, your job, or catastrophic events. It is ultimately determined by YOU and YOUR response to life. Which path are you on? What are you going to do about it? Which path are your friends and family members on? What are you going to do about it? 

Today is the day you choose where your life is headed, and be an influence to those around you for good.

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Kirk Duncan


Kirk Duncan, President & Founder of 3 Key Elements, was born and raised in Wyoming. He and his beautiful wife Kimberlee have 3 sons, 2 daughters-in-law, and 3 adorable grandchildren.