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Join world-class mentor, Kirk Duncan, to learn leading-edge techniques every month that will assist you to overcome struggles and achieve your goals.
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Frequently Asked Questions

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How does this program work?

Each month there is a LIVE 2-hour Coaching session with ALL of the members. You will receive an email and/or text giving you the Webinar Link to log into to be part of the training.

What if I can't be on the webinar? Is there a recording to watch?

YES!  Each month the Webinar Training will be recorded and that recording will be placed here in this Online Academy for you. You can review it as many times as you like for 3 months.

Are there assignments between sessions?

YES! These action steps are DOABLE and structured so that you can do the work and see the progress. The pace in which you do this work is up to you. The more you apply yourself, the sooner you will see the progress. 🙂

Can I ask questions during the Live Webinar?

Yes! There will be approximately 60 minutes of LIVE Question & Answer time. THIS IS AMAZING!!! Listen in as you will here LIVE COACHING in action during each of the conversations. Be ready to take notes, HUGE GOLD NUGGETS are shared as it gets REAL and PERSONAL during this segment of the training. Every person is treated with the highest respect and every question benefits the whole audience.

Where do I find the PREVIOUS months' My Life Coach Training?

Great question! They are uploaded and posted in order on the main course page for My life Coach. You will have access to a total of three (3) trainings at any given time. After 3 months, the oldest training will be removed from the online academy, so be sure to watch them soon. You will enjoy listening to the training more then once, you will hear so MUCH MORE viewing the training a 2nd time.

What will I learn?

During each month's 2 Hour Coaching session, you will learn about a "GLITCH" that occurs in a high percentage of people's lives. Then you will learn WHAT TO DO to fix/adjust this GLITCH to improve your PERFORMANCE. You really can do better…after you Feel Better and Think Better.