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Join world-class mentor, Kirk Duncan, to learn leading-edge techniques that will assist you in becoming a transformational and highly effective mentor or coach.

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​You see it. Your mind is designed to guide, direct and support others. Either by the spiritual gifts that you have or the education you have received, it still comes down to working with people to build a better way to cope, create or thrive.

Being a mentor or coach is in your bones. You feel it deep inside. This isn't just a crazy idea, it literally is something that you feel and have felt for a long time - that you are part of the movement to make a difference in others' lives.

Mentor Mastery is here to support you in your mission and passion to make this difference. My hope for you is that you upgrade your skillset, mindset, and intuition. You will perform much better as a mentor as you get clear and focused on what part you play in people's lives.

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November 2020

New success requires new patterns, that lead to new habits, that lead to a new lifestyle. Mentors "go first"... so how do you blast through your mental blocks and start doing NEW things to get NEW results, so that you can help your mentee's do the same? And what in the world is your Reticular Activating System!? Find out on this month's training!

October 2020

, are you in ALIGNMENT? Do you know how to acheive a higher level alignment? Join Kirk in this month's training where he tells all.

September 2020

Without structure, progress will be weak. Without safety, lines will be crossed. without accountability, motivation lacks. Learn to apply more structure, accountability, and safety in your mentoring program. 

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Kirk Duncan


Kirk Duncan, President & Founder of 3 Key Elements, was born and raised in Wyoming. He and his beautiful wife Kimberlee have 3 sons, 2 daughters-in-law, and 3 adorable grandchildren.